Import Bookmarks

We've just rolled a number of new features, UI improvements and bug fixes to middlespot. They include:

  1. Import your browser bookmarks onto your desktop. You can import all or just a select few of your chrome bookmarks. You'll need to install the chrome middlespot extension.
  2. New desktop button is more visible.
  3. Improved adding and dragging of resources when in edit mode of your desktop.
  4. New example desktops to help you get inspired.
  5. Improved Table of Contents.
  6. Edit the comment/info bar on your resource for easier identification.
  7. New sign up button on the default UI when it's your first time to the platform.
  8. Improved mobile display.

Plus a lot of backend improvements to the handling of your data to improve speed and reliability.

We hope you enjoy the update. Please let us know of what features you'd like to see or other improvements you think we can make at