UI update and Inline Google Docs

We've made some updates, based on how user's work with their desktop content. The biggest change is how your desktop handles new and existing docs, spreadsheets and presentations.

In the Add/Edit mode, we've moved the new document button to be the second button. Tapping on it will allow you to create a new doc, sheet, or presentation on your desktop. This will display a blank page on your desktop which is your new file. Double tap on that file and it will open in a new slide out window with full editing capabilities.


This makes it much faster to work with new or existing documents on your desktop. You can still open the documents in a new tab from the button in the top corner of the slide out window.

We've also cleaned up the UI further, reducing a few more buttons and subduing the color scheme even more to keep the focus on your desktop content.

As always, we appreciate feedback and any feature suggestions you would like to see.